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Druid Hills High School

Dekalb County Schools

The School Then

The Druid Hills campus has gone through several changes since its opening.

1920's and 1930's
In 1923, the Fishburne Building was built on the Emory campus. It was intended to be part of a teachers' college. Here for several years was located the elementary public school for the Emory neighborhood. It was known as "The Emory School". Emory provided the facilities and each family made a contribution to the teachers' salaries. This was the start of Druid Hills High School. The Fishburne Building, which was located near the corner of North Decatur and Clifton Roads, was recently razed to make room for the new Robert C. Goizueta Business School.

"In the 1920's the school was called Emory High School, and was located on the corner of Clifton and North Decatur. The school only had 250 students. In 1929, the school was moved into the Main Building and was renamed Druid Hills High school. The school offered classes to grades 1-11; there was no 12th grade. The school day lasted from 8:30 to 2:00 p.m. Students went to school with little vacation time. For most holidays, the students received two days off, even for Christmas. During the late 1930's the short hall was built."

"DH Doin"
"I believe Robert Kimsey initiated "DH Doin" in 1950 or so; when he graduated, and I inherited it in the fall of 1950 or '51. When someone entered the results of the district meet on the board before I arrived at school in the spring of '51 or '52, Principal Shelton Goble had it removed and refused to return it when I refused to apologize for the profanity on the board. Someone from the Class of 1953 was responsible for it. That is the last I knew of it."

The school was open for grades 8-12. It had the Main Building, Gym, and North Building. The cafeteria was in the North Building, where the library is now, and the Library was in the Main Building. The school instituted a dress code, which said no t-shirts and girls must wear dresses or skirts. The school was much more crowded than it is today with about 2,000 students during the mid 1960's. The day was extended, lasting from 8:20 to 3:20, with five-minute class changes. Also, during the 1960's the cafeteria between the North and Main buildings was built, as well as the new Gym.

For the most part the building looked the same. However, it did have its differences. The Short hall was designated the Science Building. The year of '69-'70 was the first year girls were allowed to wear pants rather than skirts or dresses, but only in the cold weather, and never blue jeans.

One major difference between the school today and the school in the 1980's was that Druid Hills was not a Charter School. Because of this, the school had six periods a day that lasted all year. The building itself has had little changes since then, overall it looked more dreary and dull.

The school had many changes during the 1990's. It became a charter school and, in 1996 the eighth grade was moved out of Druid Hills. The 1990's the block schedule system was instituted as well.