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The authorization forms for prescription, over the counter and right to carry medications can be found on the DeKalb County Schools Website:  Medication Authorization Forms

Each medication that will be kept at school needs its own authorization form, to be delivered by a legal guardian, un-expired and in the original container.

If a student will be taking a medication during school hours that is also to be taken when the student is not in school, please ask your pharmacist for a bottle to keep at school and split the medication doses. If you bring in a bottle of medication that also needs to be taken at home, a guardian will have to pick up and drop off the medication every day.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has a resource to decide if/when you need to keep a student home from school: CHOA Resource- too sick for school?

This guide indicates that if a student has a temperature of 100.3*F or higher, that student needs to remain out of school until they have been without a fever (or any medications that will lower a fever) for 24 hours.

This guide also indicates that if a student is diagnosed with a contagious bacterial infection (ie. Strep) that student can not return to school until they have been on antibiotics for at least 24 hours.