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Druid Hills High School

Dekalb County Schools

Alumni Quotes

"In the class of 1944, there were a total of sixty-four students. There was only one sport then - basketball. Both the boys and the girls were champions. I was in the Glee Club. We liked to go to the movie house at the Emory Village. We also liked to dance and go swimming in the summers. So many things are different now. We graduated during the war. Ration cards were used, and OLEO became famous because we couldn't use butter." - graduate from the class of 1944

"I remember a white frame building below the gym, close to a stone wall where I had to clean erasers." - graduate from the class of 1956

"The biggest offenses were chewing gum and passing notes. If Mr. Laducca caught the boys with water pistols, he would make the boys smash them by stomping on them." - graduate from the class of 1959

Question: "Do you know how I can find out about the usage of two small buildings for 1st and 2nd grade, 1954-1956?"
"If you face Druid Hills high school, to the right behind the Presbyteriand church is a small cinder block building; to the left, closer to Clifton Road on Haygood, is a small stone building. I have been in touch with my classsmates from DH '66, and many of us had 1st or 2nd grade in these buildings, back when the North Building was an elementary school, before Fernbank was built. I had 1st grade with Miss Clyburn in the stone building, for example." - graduate from the class of 1966

"Girls Basketball has come a long way. Back then, it was thought that girls could not run up and down the court, they just couldn't handle it physically, so there were six people on a team; three were on defense, three on offense. The defense would stay at one end of the court; offence would stay at the other. When the defense got the rebound they would dribble down to half court, then pass the ball to the offence at the other end of the court." - graduate from the class of 1965

"We didn't carry backpacks, they were considered nothing more than hiking gear." - graduate from the class of 1966

"There was no soccer. I don't think any of us had ever heard of the game." - graduate from the class of 1966

"They told us if we did anything inappropriate during graduation, we would not get our diplomas. It must have worked because no one did, not even to see if they were bluffing." - graduate from the class of 1966

"We were considered one of the biggest schools in the Atlanta area." -graduate from the class of 1964

"We had to contend with a dress code. No one could wear T-shirts, and girls had to wear skirts or dresses. I absolutely hated that. When I walked out of Druid Hills for the last time on Graduation Day, I vowed never to wear a dress or skirt unless absolutely necessary and I've stuck to that for thirty five years." - graduate from the class of 1966