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Druid Hills High School

Dekalb County Schools

DHHS 101


Druid Hills High School follows a 4 X 4 block class schedule. Students take four classes per semester. Each class consists of ninety-minute blocks of instructional time. 

8:00 – First bell 
8:05 – Second bell 
8:09 – Warning bell (chime 2) 
8:10 – 1st period begins – tardy bell 
9:40 – 1st period ends 
9:45 – Warning bell (chime 2) 
9:46 – 2nd period begins – tardy bell 
11:16 – Announcement Bell (chime 3) 
11:21 – 2nd period ends 
11:27– Warning bell (chime 2) 
11:28 – 3rd period begins – tardy bell 
A Lunch: 11:28 – 11:58 
11:53 – IB Lunch ends – silent transition 
B Lunch: 12:08 – 12:38 
C Lunch: 12:58 – 1:28 
1:23 – IB silent transition 3rd to 4th
1:28 – 3rd period ends 
1:34 – Warning bell (chime 2) 
1:35 – 4th period begins – tardy bell 
3:10 – 4th period ends

ALL visitors are required to check in through the Main Office. Student visitors are not allowed on campus or in class with Druid Hills High School students without prior approval by the Principal.  

The first period tardy bell rings at 8:10 a.m. Arrivals after 8:10 a.m. must check in through the attendance office.

Students who need to leave school at any time before the end of the day must check out through the attendance office. A parent or guardian must report to the Attendance Office to sign out freshmen or sophomore students. Junior and senior students may check out only if a parent or guardian can be reached for verification. Parent/guardian must fax (678-874-6310) a copy of their driver’s license and a statement giving permission for their child to be released from school. In this situation, we still require parents to provide a signed excuse that specifies a legitimate purpose for leaving school, the date, and the contact telephone number. If the parent is unavailable, the student will not be permitted to leave school until the end of the school day. All check-out requests must be brought to the Attendance Office before 8:10 am, and no student may be checked out after 2:30pm.