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Druid Hills High School

Dekalb County Schools


Dress Code

Dress Code for DHHS Commencement Ceremony on May 19, 2024:

There will be a great deal of walking. Wear comfortable shoes. We recommend wearing flats, low heels or wedges.

This is a formal event; students will wear:
?Black skirts/dresses/pants
?White Collared/dress shirt or blouse
?Black shoes

This is a formal event; students will NOT wear:
?Leisure/Athletic apparel (pajama pants, pajamas, sweatpants, sweatshirt, t-shirts)
?No hats
?No clothing with derogatory images, symbols, or writing

Graduation Dress: Cap, Tassel, Gown, and Hood "How To" Procedures
High school graduation tassel: Tassels are worn on the right side at the start of the graduation ceremony, and graduates will flip it to the left once instructed by the Valedictorian.
Graduation Cap: The high school graduation cap is worn flat on the head, one point of the square facing forward (like a diamond).
Graduation Gown: High school graduation gowns should fall midway between the knee and ankle. They are worn over your regular clothing, zipped up in the front. Please take it out of the bag and iron on low if possible. This will get rid of the folding lines.
Clubs/Orgs & Cords How To: The middle knot is put behind your neck. Bring the honor cords to the front, hanging down your sides with two tassels on each side. Please reach out to club sponsors regarding cords.