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(updated 10/03/19)

Class Officers, Sponsors and Dues:

Each graduating class elects four class officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The class officers work together with the class sponsor(s) to complete specific job duties based on their title. They are responsible for but not limited to the following school activities:
  • Homecoming Court and Float Building (recruiting class members to assist with the float)
  • Stunt Night
  • Spring Elections
  • Class-specific Projects (such as Juniors organizing the Prom)

Class sponsors serve as advisors to and work with their individual classes. Their duties include collecting class dues, chaperoning float building and stunt night, and coordinating class officer elections and class specific events.

Freshmen: Class of 2023
Class sponsors: Mr.Hickey

Dues: $50

Welcome to DHHS! Create a great beginning by paying close attention to the following:

- PSAT given to all freshmen and sophomores
- Study Skills Workshops are offered as needed.

Sophomores: Class of 2022 
Class sponsors: Mr. Hardnett
Dues: $50

- PSAT given to all Freshmen and Sophomores
- Study Skills Workshops are offered as needed.

Juniors: Class of 2021
Class sponsor: Mr. Flater
Dues: $120 (silver level) - $190 (gold level)
All checks can be made out to Druid Hills High School.

Congratulations on making it to the most important year of your high school career.

Seniors: Class of 2020

Sponsor: Mr. Ruben 

 Dues: $330

Payment is accepted in 402C  

Checks should be made payable to Druid Hills High School.

Payment can be made in full, or in six installments of $55 each.

Dues must be paid by February 28, 2019


What you are buying with your dues

  •    Cap, Gown, Tassel and Stole
  •    Diploma Cover
  •    Fall Senior T-Shirt
  •    Spring Senior T-Shirt
  •    (1) Prom Ticket
  •    Graduation Announcements (10 Pack)
  •    Yard Sign
  •    Yearbook
  •    Float Building
  •    Stunt Night
  •    Senior Breakfast
  •    Senior Picnic
  •    Senior Awards Night
  •    Graduation

Why do I have to pay class dues?

Students and parents have asked why class dues are so high and how the money is spent. Here is a list of what class dues pay for:

· Float Building. All class dues pay for that class's tissue pumps, chicken wire, building materials, trailer (if needed), and other expenses related to float building.

· Stunt Night. All class dues pay for that class's paint for flats, props, set pieces, costumes, and other expenses related to Stunt Night. Students cannot participate in Stunt Night or attend float building unless they have paid their class dues.

· Prom. Junior dues pay for the rental fees for the location, all food and beverages, decorations, favors, invitations, and other expenses for prom.

· Graduation. Senior dues pay for the rental fees for the location, caps and gowns, security, decorations, and other expenses for graduation. Seniors must have paid both their junior and senior dues in order to participate in graduation ceremony. Caps and gowns will not be distributed to students that have not paid both their junior and senior dues.
· Senior Gift. Frequently, the Senior Class will choose to make a gift to the school with the monies in their account. This is how Druid Hills acquired the stone sign in front of the school.
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