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Good afternoon Summer Bridge Participants. The Summer Bridge Program is right around the corner. I'm really excited about meeting your children in person and you being a part of the DHHS !!! Here is some information you all need to know. The program is July 22-25 8:30 A.M. -12:30 P.M. We will be serving breakfast and lunch. If you are not taking the bus you can drop off your child by 7:50 A.M. and pick them up by 12:30 P.M. Drop off and pick up is located in the front of the glass building. I will have a table set up there daily to check in the students. 

Please make sure your child has with them a notebook and a pen to take notes and water bottle (because it gets really hot). If your child is taking any medication please let me know and I can administer it. 

Some of you had questions that I will answer for you.

Q. Does my child have to ride the bus or the bus route is not listed on the attached bus route.

A: The bus route was established in mid-June (the deadline was June 4th to sign up) I extended it to get more students enrolled. If you signed up later you will have to either drive your child to school or use one of the bus routes listed. 

Q: My child has another activity to do with the school later on in the day.

A: Your child can either go to Emory or McDonald's or hang out around the school. We, however, are not responsible for watching your child until their next activity. We will have staff in the building, but we can not have someone to supervise your child.

Q: What time can I drop off my child and pick them up?

A: You can drop off your child as early as 7:45. I will be here. Your child needs to be picked up no later than 12:40. The staff will be leaving. 

Q: Can my child wear whatever they want?

A: Please have your child wear "appropriate" clothing (no short shorts, no tank tops, no half tops Please)

I am working on logistics next week. There are a few items I would like to know from your child. Please email me with this information.

1) Does your child have a friend or friends that they want to be in a group with? I can not promise all of them will be in the same group, but I can promise at least 1-2 people that they know. 

2) Please let me know if your child is in AP, gifted, Pre IB, Special Education, and/ or ESOL. We are trying to have special sessions targeted in those areas to give extra support for the students. If your child is not in one of these areas you don't need to email me. 

The bus routes are available here and they are also on our website. I have nothing to do with the bus routes, the county does this. If you have any additional questions, you can contact me at 404-641-5388. This is my cell number and I will be in and out of the building until the Summer Bridge Program starts. 

One last thing, please write down on your calendar August 1st at 4 the theater (this is in the main building) This is our Red Devil Day and orientation for our incoming 9th graders and their parents. Please plan on attending. If your child is a T-9 student you also need to attend a mandatory meeting on August the 1st at 4:30 in our media center. 

Thank you so much for entrusting DHHS with your child. We are so excited to have you and your child be part of the Druid Hills High School's Family. Welcome again!!!

Alisa Bouer

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