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Stunt Night is a variety show/class competition that involves kids in each grade writing and performing a musical script. It has to involve song and dance, it typically pokes fun at the school and people in it, including teachers, students, and administrators, and it revolves around an annual theme. Past themes include:

2014 Sensational Super Heroes
2013 Tweenlight: Vampires vs. Zombies
2012 To Infinity and Beyond! Druid Hills' Future Feature
2011 Shakin' Up Shakespeare
2010 Totally Awesome 80's
2009 Rip Roaring Reality TV
2008 Fabulous Fairy Tales
2007 Bizarre Broadway
2006 A Night at the Oscars
2005 Action Heroes
2004 Animated Film
2003 Mad Cap Mythology
2002 Sunday Comics
2001 Hysterical History
2000 Grimm's Fairy Tales
1999 Action Heroes
Roots at Wesleyan

For over a hundred years, when the curtain rose and the lights came up, thousands of young Wesleyan college students strutted their time in the spotlight. This is STUNT night, a night of student written, directed, and performed short skits. Time has evolved STUNT night into a burst of family, friends, community, alumnae, and the competition between classes. 1995 signaled the one hundredth anniversary of STUNT. It didn't not become an annual tradition until the 1920s. Previous to the roaring 20s, six performances highlight each year, one presented from each class, one from the students at the Conservatory, and the final presented by day students of the Macon Girls' Association. Originally, STUNT night was called Class Day, followed by College Night. It was not until 1927 that event was finally dubbed STUNT night. Druid Hills Stunt Night has followed many of the traditions started at Wesleyan. Stunt Night has always represented a spirited and "friendly competition" among the classes, both at Wesleyan and Druid Hills. Another important feature has remained constant throughout history of both Stunt Night Performances: Stunt Night is a fundraiser. The proceeds go to support many activities which involve the students in both school, form scholarships to stage lights, the money benefits the total school program. Druid Hills Stunt Night is composed of original skits written by students form all classes on a selected theme such as history (Hysterical History), literature (Literature Made Lite), Broadway Show (Musical Memories), or Movies (A Night At The Academy Awards). For years, prayers have been whispered as nervous actors enter to the screams and applause form friends and family members in the audience. It is a community event which brings people form years gone by out to see who will win the coveted Stunt Night Trophy.
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