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Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Faculty and Staff,

Druid Hills High School faculty and staff continue to work to provide engaging instruction and activities for our students through virtual learning.  In an effort to provide flexibility for teachers and students meeting virtually, the leadership team has developed a new Virtual Learning Schedule.  The schedule designates one day a week for each class period. The goal of this new schedule is to provide specific days for teachers who are using video conferencing without conflicting with other class periods.  Teachers will also offer specific office hours on class period days when they will be available via email, phone, and or video communications with students.   For example, a first period teacher wishing to video conference with students will meet on Monday. A second period teacher would meet on Tuesday.  Students may work on any assignments at any time.  The schedule does not dictate when students should work on which assignments.

Teachers are not required to hold video conferences/classes, but some are choosing to do so.  Students are encouraged to attend these sessions, but conferences are not required and will not be graded. 

Teachers will post specific meeting times, tutorial and office hours on their electronic platforms (VERGE, Edmodo, Google Classroom, etc.).  All teachers will be available Monday through Friday to read and respond to student and parent emails. Outside of designated class, tutorial, and office hours - please allow 48 hrs for email responses from teachers.

Please see the new schedule below beginning Monday, March 30. I am also including some student, teacher expectations around virtual learning.

All faculty and staff appreciate your continued patience as we attempt to provide continual instruction and meaningful and interesting engagement with your students.  We are aware and understand this is an unprecedented situation, and we will all be flexible with students and families as we move forward.

Thank you,

M. Joyner, Principal

Virtual Learning Expectations for Students

Virtual Learning Schedule (updated 03/27/20) 

Virtual Learning Information

Teachers will provide students with a virtual learning assignment that is content-specific and relevant beginning March 16, 2020 until further notice. Each assignment will be aligned to the standards and what the students are currently learning. Assignments may involve reading, writing, conducting research, performing mini labs, completing practice problems, taking notes, and/or answering questions. Virtual learning access will be made available to students in grades 1-12 through VERGE. 

Please continue to visit the school district's website for current information.

Helpful Resources

One of our educational partners, Gale, has provided a support package to supplement learning at home. Please go to to see what Gale has to offer.
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