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AP World History Summer Assignment

This assignment is due the first day of APWH- August 6, 2018

All students taking AP World History for the 2018-19 school year must read Stearns’ World Civs textbook chapters 1-5, take SPICE chart notes and complete the chapter reading guides. Taking efficient notes is paramount for success in an AP course. You will be required to turn chapters 1-5 SPICE chart notes and the reading guides into your APWH teacher on the first day of school. SPICE Chart notes and Reading guides MUST be handwritten - not typed to receive credit for completing your summer coursework. Do not wait until the last minute to begin this work. 

Make sure your completed SPICE chart notes and readings guides are effective for you. You should be able to quickly reference your SPICE chart notes and readings guides to find specific information that will be discussed the first weeks of school. In addition to the SPICE chart notes and readings guides, you need to annotate what questions you have about the material or connections you are making among the material. There will be a test over this material within the first two weeks of school and this is your opportunity to cover the content in detail and to create a set of notes with which to study.

Once the SPICE chart notes and readings guides for chapters 1-5 have been completed, be sure to also complete the attached review packets for Period 1 & 2. All documents are available below.

AP World History edmodo code: sjf2hq

Enjoy your summer knowing you are well prepared to start APWH in August!

Stearns Chapter 1       Stearns Chapter 2      Stearns Chapter 3      Stearns Chapter 4      Stearns Chapter 5

Chapter 1 Reading Guide      Chapter 2 Reading Guide      Chapter 3 Reading Guide       Chapter 4 Reading Guide     

Chapter 5 Reading Guide      SPICE Chart      Period One Review      Period Two Review


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